Social Media Camp

by Jay Cross on February 1, 2010

Today I joined more than a hundred people at the Presidio Officers Club for a day-long Social Media Camp. Another 650 attended remotely by via

Many participants were novices. The majority were interested in social media as a marketing tool. We saw some cool technology, e.g. 12 Sprints (knowledge workflow from SAP). Kevin Marks gave an interesting keynote on Tummlers (moderator – geisha – steward role).

Who do you suppose is in charge of social media within companies? In the group, 10% lodge it under PR. The remaining 90% consider social media a marketing function. Mind you, many in the audience were one- or two-person businesses, so their answers may not account for much. I’m going to take a poll asking who owns social media in large corporations.

Surprisingly, wi-fi was not available, so our online socializing was confined to Twitter.

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