An amazing camera & ideal Christmas gift

by Jay Cross on December 17, 2009

If you’re shopping for a Christmas gift in the $400 range, check out this camera, the Canon S90.


I’ve used lots of digital pocket cameras. None of them hold a candle to the S90. The photos are closer to what I used to get from my Canon A1 SLR.

The Canon S90 sports a very fast 3.8x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom lens: f/2! Its LCD is 3″ wide. It shoots in JPG or RAW format. 10 megapixel resolution. It weighs 6.2 oz. Mine is always in my pocket.

What I really love is the camera’s ability to take bright photos in low-light conditions. (I hate flash.) Some of the photos below were taken in dark settings; I have never cut the flash on.

The S90 has the best automatic settings I’ve encountered. All of the photos here were taken with the automatic setting. (I haven’t read the manual yet.)

All in all, this is a simply amazing camera. (You can click the photos to see larger sizes.)

Joel Greenburg, OU

Stephen Downes

Paella but with pasta, not rice

Another day in Barcelona

Tossa del Mar

Tossa del Mar

Tossa del Mar: Albert Calvet

Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo

Barcelona: tapas menu




The first ten photos are from my recent trip to Barcelona. The last three are from Washington, DC; Benton, Arkansas; and San Jose, California. (Has Bob Mosher gone into the clothing business?)

Drawbacks of the Canon S90? Short battery life (buy a spare). Memory card costs extra.

If you enjoy taking photographs, beg Santa for one of these.

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