Workshop on putting informal learning to work

by Jay Cross on October 21, 2009


I’d leading a half-day workshop on how to implement informal learning the day before Online Educa in Berlin.

For the main event, Charles Jennings and I are designing a two-day track titled Creating a New Era of Corporate Learning.

Online Educa has grown to become the largest global e-learning conference for the corporate and public service sectors in education and training.

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Berlin is beautiful in early December. You should think about joining us!



How to put social learning into practice. Learning no longer means just ‘training’; learning means problem solving, creativity, innovation, and more. Organisations are finding huge benefits in getting concrete about informal learning, social learning and self-service learning. How does your organisation stack up? Jay will review the results of the CLO/togetherLearn survey of meta-learning practices and learning culture. He will provide case examples of organisations that are taking advantage of Twitter, blogs, wikis, and other social networking tools. He will detail how to assess value of the new learning platforms that are supplanting old-style courses.


Participants in this hands-on session will develop plans for implementing a major informal learning initiative in their organisations. Jay will present cases studies, research findings and examples. Participants will complete a planning template that defines their project, its impact, and a timetable for implementation.

Target Audience

Corporate decision-makers, HR managers, chief learning officers, senior staff, performance consultants, futurists, and anyone else who wants to implement a significant informal learning project.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Appreciation of how organisations work.


Participants will leave the room with a plan and elevator pitch for implementing a major informal/networked learning project in their organisations.

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