Become a chief meta-learning officer

by Jay Cross on May 2, 2009


The May issue of Chief Learning Officer magazine went online today. Inside the covers, you’ll find a major article by Clark Quinn and yours truly entitled Become a Chief Meta-Learning Officer.

The scope of the job of the CLO is mushrooming. CLOs will neither prosper nor even survive if they fail to take responsibility for the overall learning process within their organizations. Here’s why — and what to do about it.

Organizations must seize the opportunity to change while things are in flux. It’s time for them to leap from current conditions to the brave new world of the future. Crossing a chasm takes a bold leap; baby steps won’t get you to the other side.

Getting to the future will require innovation, luck, and perseverance, but that’s the price of staying alive. In this article, we call this big-picture, longer-term viewpoint meta-learning, and we call upon all CLOs to become Chief Meta-Learning Officers.

Your charter as Chief Meta-Learning Officer is to optimize learning throughout the organization, not just in the pockets that once belonged to HR. This takes a broader perspective than what you deal with day-to-day. You’ve got to rise above the noise to see the underlying patterns, and then optimize them.

We will be exploring our recommendations on the togetherLearn site.

The article calls for participation in an online survey of corporate meta-learning practices. When you take the survey, keep a copy of your answers so you will be able to benchmark your organization when the results are released in a month’s time.

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