FAQ for Learntrends April 21-22

by Jay Cross on April 19, 2009

What is April Learntrends?
Learntrends is a series of online conversations among people with an interest in improving the process of learning in corporations and government. It’s the April installment of Corporate Learning Trends and Innovation.

Who may attend?
Learntrends welcomes anyone interested in organizational learning. We are expecting a diverse mix of newbies, old hands, managers, practitioners, specialists and generalists. We hope to have storytellers and provocative thinkers joining in.

When does Learntrends take place?
The conversations begin at 9:00 Pacific time on Tuesday, April 21, and conclude 24 hours later at 9:00 Pacific on Wednesday, April 22. At any given time, some participants will be in their pajamas, others will be huddled around conference room tables, while others will be enjoying a cigar on their yachts after sumptuous dinners. Please see the main event page.

What does Learntrends cost?
Learntrends is free. You don’t need to register. Just come.

How do I listen in?
Click here to enter our conferencing system (Elluminate). Check your connection before signing in the first time.

How do I speak?
Plug in a microphone and check your audio settings in Elluminate. Put on a headset (to avoid echoes.) Tell the moderator you want to talk in the chat. We encourage all participants to speak.

What topics will be covered?
We’ve invited people to talk about the payback of social and informal learning, learning in an age of networked intelligence, new roles for learning professionals, making informal learning concrete, Twitter and enterprise learning in real time, changing corporate culture, selling the important of learning to clients, measuring learning across borders, future learning technologies, and more. However, we want you to hear about other topics that interest you.

Why should I say anything?
We all learn more when we’re participants, rather than just observers. Do yourself a favor. Take advantage of this learning opportunity. Introduce the topics you want to know about, talk about, or share experiences about. Get the feel of what social media is all about. If you’re shy, stay up until there are only a few people on line, but do ask a questions or share something with us.

How do I suggest a topic?
Got a large issue? Pick an open time-slot, invite some people to talk with, and give us the details here. Or bring it up live. We have left many hours open for discussion of whatever you want to talk about.

Do I have to be a member?
No. Members get occasional alerts and surveys, but we’re open to all people with good hearts and an interest in learing in organizations. Members can send one another private emails and post inquiries.

Why are you doing this?
We are members of an immense community of corporate learning & development professionals. Some of us see sharing information and inspiring innovation as our obligation to the community. People helped us learn; this is where we pay back. Everyone, us included, benefits from the new connections that get-togethers like this forge.

We are looking for moderators for 15:00-18:00 Pacific and 4:00-10:00 Greenwich Mean Time (14:00 – 20:00 in Sydney). Experience with Elluminate is a plus but not mandatory.

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