Corporate Learning Trends: The Future of Organizational Learning

by Jay Cross on March 30, 2009

On April 21, Corporate Learning Trends will focus on the Future of Organizational Learning and Development. We plan to explore the issues you want to talk about. Among the suggestions to-date:

  • Show me the money. Where should an organization invest its time and resources going forward? What’s the optimal balance of formal and informal learning?
  • What does the Future of Learning look like? What are the new roles? Should instructor-led environments live long? How informal? Tweet?
  • What does future learning architecture look like? How about new forms of Instructional Design?

Please add your suggestions on the Corporate Learning Trends site. What are your burning topics? Who would you most like to hear? How can we improve our delivery and interaction? What timing works for you?

Treat this as brainstorming. Crazy ideas are welcome. Build on one another’s thinking. Let it flow. For now, let’s share possibilities and proposals; we’ll hammer down the specifics next week.

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