Why you should embrace open source

by Jay Cross on February 14, 2009

Innovation Happens Elsewhere: Open Source as Business Strategyby Ron Goldman and Richard Gabriel. Online, free, very good reading.

    The reasons to engage with open source include the following:

    * Getting high-quality, free software and software design and development help.
    * Making your software ubiquitous through participation and low cost.
    * Engaging end-users in design and testing.
    * Reducing time to market.
    * Doing marketing and marketing research.
    * Working with partners who prefer a loose relationship.
    * Positioning a company.
    * Harvesting innovation.
    * Making standards.
    * Building a brand through ubiquity and positioning vis-à-vis the open-source community.
    * Adopting transparent development processes.
    * Changing customer and market perceptions.
    * Making a vision pervasive.
    * Changing the rules.
    * Reducing support costs.
    * Injecting discipline into the development process.
    * Improving integration.
    * Satisfying more customers.
    * Porting to otherwise unimportant platforms.
    * Avoiding lock-in.
    * Changing pricing practices.
    * Signing up partners and creating consortia.
    * Creating markets.
    * Making ethical, moral, and political statements.

In Weapons of Mass Instruction, John Taylor Gatto writes:

    Open-source learning accepts that everything under the sun might be possible a starting point on the road to self-mastery and a good life…. And everyone you encounter is a potential teacher.

What’s not to like? Perhaps the Learning Irregulars should host a mash-up of Education+Open Source.


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