Sun shines on learning

by Jay Cross on October 16, 2008

Learning at Sun Microsystems rocks.

You’ve heard me prattle on about the convergence of work and learning on what I call learnscapes. Sun’s CLO Karie Willyerd shares a similar vision: Sun Learning eXchange is an online platform for learning, practice, and giving back. Shorthand: tell people what you expect them to do; then make it easy for them to learn how to do it. It’s not rocket science, but it does turn the usual way of looking at corporate learning on its head.

Bringing the vision to fruition requires making it drop-dead simple for anyone with a lesson to share to it. Say it; it appears online:

When Karie was showing me a video studio-in-a-box this morning, Charles Beckham, Sun’s tech lead for learning, wandered by in search of coffee.

Just watch the video. No files, no widgets, no FTP, no intermediaries. We sat and talked. Charles pushed the button. We were done. This is what immediately appeared in the cloud, ready for replay on PC or iPhone.

Remember “rapid eLearning”? This is more rapid.

Here’s the input station. I remember seeing one of these at Cisco several years back. Think “studio in a box.” It’s from Siris Media and will set you back around $12,000.

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