Future life of books

by Jay Cross on July 19, 2008

Clark Quinn and I will lead a discussion about the future of publishing in the internet age the evening of July 28 in Berkeley.

We love books as much as you do, but we note

* the ecological backlash against dead-tree media

* an accelerating rate of change that curtails the useful life of books

* the availability of print-on-demand publishing

* intellectual property issues and copyright wars

* demands for interactivity to accompany all media

* co-creation of personalized books with recombinant content; rip-mix-burn

* new business models for publishers, universities, and readers

* practical electronic reading devices such as Amazon’s Kindle

* a new generation that reads online (“I don’t do paper”)

Books as we have known them are under great pressure to change their
shape or go the way of 8-track tapes, Leave It To Beaver, and the SONY

Help us draw up a blueprint of the book of the future to share with major nonfiction publishers.


5-6 pm: arrive and schmooze

6-8 pm: discussion


$20.00. If you use PayPal, the recipient is bdaul@pacbell.net.


Strawberry Creek Design Center

1250 Addison St., Suite 202

Berkeley, California 94720-1700


For more information about the NextNow Collaboratory see NNC.

Contact Bill Daul for more information. His mobile phone is 650.619.7289.

Space is limited. Please call Bill if you would like to join us.

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