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by Jay Cross on June 28, 2008

My hobby for the year is learning to create video as easily as taking a still photo. The concept is similar, but the editing is trickier, and the possibilities are enormous.

I’ve been carrying a Flip video recorder in my pocket for the past month. I just uploaded brief video interviews with Ross Dawson, Graham Attwell, Steve Wheeler, Nigel Paine, Mark Kramer, Rebecca Stromeyer, and Serge Ravet to YouTube. All were impromptu. In fact, I can’t call the segments by Ross and Nigel interviews; they were talking with participants at my workshops on web-enabled informal learning in Australia, and I simply pushed the red record button to capture them doing their thing.

I just bought the new Flip Video Mino off Amazon for $156.66. Not a bad price for a pocket cam that stores an hour of video. These are the product of the primitive first version Flip:

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