Big questionable predictions for 2008

by Jay Cross on January 3, 2008

bigq.jpgThe future will be the same as the past, except more expensive.

Organizations will begin acting as if people were their most valuable asset. Corporate people departments — training, eLearning, knowledge management, corporate communications, etc. — will converge. In 2008, a pioneering corporation will put this all together under the leadership of a CPO (Chief People Officer).

Web-savvy new hires will use networks to penetrate silos, talk directly with customers, and get things done rapidly. This will erode obsolete top-down organizational structures.

Everything 2.0. Get ready for Email 2.0, LMS 2.0, Linux 2.0, Performance 2.0, Business 2.0, AT&T 2.0, ROI 2.0, Davos 2.0, Training 2.0, and even Google Search 2.0.

Que sera sera.

jay 2.0

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