Inside out

by Jay Cross on March 13, 2007

Teemu Arina and I met online about 18 months ago. I was leading a remote presentation on informal learning from California to a group in Helsinki. We finally got together F2F at Online Educa in Berlin last year. Teemu and I are on the same wave-length, nodding our heads in agreement when we talk, despite the fact that I’ve probably spent four decades more on earth.

An educational institution asked him to draw up a one-pager on how to take advantage of informal learning. They were imagining the formal learning at the core, with informal learning glued around the periphery. Teemu gave them an informal-learning centric rendering instead.

teemu arina (Click for larger size.)

If most learning (and I’d add innovation) is informal, shouldn’t it be at the center rather than the other way around?

Teemu is CEO of Dicole Oy in Helsinki. His blog merits attention.

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