Jay’s cup spilleth over

by Jay Cross on February 16, 2007

In ten days, I’ll be conducting a number of “Guide on the Side” sessions at Training 2007.

I’ve posted information on the sessions and some pictures of Flawda gators on Internet Time Commons.

Last night I attended an event at the Long Now Foundation. Topic: “What if the Singularity doesn’t happen?” The digital elite turned out for the event, among them John McCarthy, Stewart Brand, Kevin Kelly, Dannie Hillis, Brad Templeton, etc. I got an opportunity to ask Stewart what he thought of From Counterculture to Cyberculture. He said the author had lots of documentation to back up the story. Sure, I said, I’d been through the Whole Earth/Well/Engelbart/Wired saga myself, but did it really go down like this?

Stewart told me that story sounded right but he didn’t understand what was unfolding at the time. Only in retrospect does the story emerge.

Ray Sims has posted a marvellous list of twenty things to do on behalf of informal learning.

And I’m getting more enthused about the possibilites of custom RSS feeds:

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