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by Jay Cross on February 13, 2007

Google Reader offers so many possiblities. Say I want to set up a feed of things to check into once a month. Perhaps I want to take my team to places off the beaten path.

This month I might want to tweak my organization’s interest with TED (fantastic video snips of great, short presentations), The Software Abstractions Blog (admittedly, not everyone’s cup of tea), Donald Clark (plan B from Brighton), and Learnlets (Clark Quinn’s thoughts on learning, cognition, games, modeling and more). All I do is tag these blogs “once-a-month” and Google Reader gives me a URL for a stream of posts from those sites. I can even show a listing of the current feed flow on my site:

A participant in our current unworkshop (which is morphing into a learning community as fast as we can push it) told of an informal learning technique so obvious it’s brilliant. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Check Lizzie’s The Strength of Weak Coffee and What’s the purpose of free coffee mornings?. It’s refreshing to learn about an intervention so practical that you don’t need theories to see the common sense and buy into it.

Rob Colson pinged me about his new site, This is hardly in the same league as Greg Kearsley’s wonderful Theory into Practice Database, but TIP is getting a little long in the tooth. (Maybe I’ll have to take that back; I just saw that Greg has graciously added to his links.)

We’re putting together a prototype for a new variety of online community. Free. Collaborative. Multidisciplinary. Objective = use network effects to maximize value for all. Drop by the Internet Time Commons and answer the three questions on the front page. Thanks!

And of course you’ll be hearing a lot more about our vision for the Commons in the near future.

And before I call it a night, free-range chickens.

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